Márton Kenyeres
Márton Kenyeres, CEO
Biopolus Technologies, Inc.

It's more than biology...
Understanding , modelling, designing and controlling of these fascinatingly complex biological processes require robust IT solutions. Read more

It’s More Than Biology - It’s an IT Business

István and Márton Kenyeres Founders of the Biopolus Alliance

István and Márton Kenyeres
Founders of the Biopolus Alliance

Understanding, modelling, designing and controlling of these fascinatingly complex biological processes require robust IT solutions.

Tha fact that Biopolus was founded by a biotechnologist and an information technologist is no coincidence. We believe that in order for us to be successful we need to be able to combine the latest innovation from both of these fields.

At Biopolus we are using advanced dynamic modelling solutions to design and optimize biological processes. Optimal performance and smooth operation of BioMakeries is ensured by state-of-the-art process control systems that enable remote supervision of these factories.

Sophisticated IT solutions are also at the foundation of how we deliver our products and services. Online retail was born as a bookstore, then people started to buy more expensive things online: computers, cars, houses. Now they will be able to buy Living Factories, complete with engineering services, specialized equipment and operational services, online.

I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning, just like the digital one when I was my son's age.

Steve Jobs

DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM - Making Synergies the Rule

Biopolus provides the unique tools & the hardware for developers to create the best applications for win-win technology and business solutions

BioMakeries are general purpose multi-input and multi-output bio-factories which can convert almost any kind of organic materials, organic wastes and wastewater into products for sale.

While Biopolus has been developing a number of its own product applications, the opportunities are huge and so numerous, that the system is designed in a way, that development partners can use the BioMakery OpSys to develop their own applications for co-sale with the BioMakery technology.

Biopolus is going to build a BioMakery Product App Store of processes which can be purchased together with a newly built BioMakery or downloaded to run on an existing factory and thus can provide a revenue for our App development partners.

BIOPOLUS CORE - Focusing on Our Best Values

As Technology Suppliers, our core competency is in the Operating System Software, Bioprocessor Manufacturing, Product Development and Technology & Engineering Support.

Biopolus is focusing on the development and sale of its core BioMakery Technology and related special equipment and services.

We believe that working with partners in the development, the construction and the operation phases can significantly accelerate the spread of the technology and can multiply both the financial, social and sustainability impact of Biopolus.

We are happy to share the benefits of a broad spectrum cooperation while focusing on our competencies we can ensure that our core technology will always stay ahead of the industry.

Sales & Distribution Network

To spread the technology worldwide we are building a network of engineering, contractor, construction and operation & maintenance companies.

Biopolus is seeking partnership with key industry players with established presence in their respective markets for supporting widespread adoption of BioMakeries.

We are working with consultants, urban developers, utility companies, EPC firms and general contractors who act as agents or re-sellers to us. We believe that companies with apt experience in a certain geography and market are most suited to build BioMakeries while our job is to provide all the support and services that they need to be successful in bidding for jobs, project execution and operation.