Alliance of Creative Ecologists

Sustainability through Innovation
Addressing the Global Metabolic Challenge
Mitigation of Global Warming requires a systemic re-engineering of the urban metabolic pathways ... and this goal is quite an ambitious one for the creative minds of the world to work on.

We at Biopolus believe that only an allied network of individuals, companies and institutions can help this planet to thrive.

We invite you to build with us a strong, resilient and Evolutionary Business Ecosystem which can be bigger and more influential than the sum of its individual parts.

Our chances to thrive depend very much on a new generation of “Neo-Renaissance” People. Those who show the innovative combination of scientific knowledge, entrepreneurship and social sensitivity. …. I call them THE CREATIVE ECOLOGISTS.

from The Creative Ecologist Manifesto

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PROMOTERS- Socializing Sustainability

Sustainability is not just about introducing new technologies, it is also about changing attitudes ... and this is where advocates are most needed.

Three Means to Promote the Alliance

1 Send us feedback
We believe in two-way communication. You don't need to be an expert to have your opinion, ideas, feelings, questions and even doubts. We are open to hear you. We highly appreciate openness, sincerity and constructiveness even if these sometime sound uncomfortable.

Have Your Say
2 Connect & learn more
We want to use this site as a dynamic platform to share ideas, exchange information, teach and learn and even work. We do believe that in the coming months and years you can learn here a lot. We are building the Biopolus Alliance as a Living, Learning Laboratory and want to see our Promoters as knowledgeable advocates of Sustainability.

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3 Spread the word
We may have the best solutions, the most efficient technologies, if the world does not know, we cannot make a real impact. The most powerful way to make Earth a small world and a better one as well is to use our social network ... and here is where you can help us the most.

PARTNERS - Creativity & Innovation Multiplier

Development partnerships and co-operations create diversity, add color and provide the basis for a thriving innovation & business community.

Four Steps to a Full Partnership

1 Let’s talk first

We may fell in love at the first sight, but better to start our partnership to talk about competences, values, focus areas and expectations. While we are actively searching for partners, we are also looking for startups, SMEs, institutions to contact us expressing their interest to become part of this open innovation network.

Express Your Interest

2 Explore synergies

Once we both feel we are ready to see the sensitive technical, legal and financial details of a first cooperation work, it will be the time to sign an NDA. It is our philosophy to find areas and applications with the maximum potential synergies, and select the most promising "low hanging fruit" from the few couple of identified development opportunities.

Register at our Partner Portal

From this point, next steps and all communication will go through our Partner Portal to secure confident information and IP rights.

3 Test ourselves in a pilot project

The first project in a development cooperation is something like an engagement: we are going to learn each other, see how we can work together, how we can solve problems and manage stressful periods. This step is not just about to accomplish our first project, it is also a trust-building phase: to see and feel how we can be partners for a longer term.

4 Enter into long-term partnership

We see this phase like a marriage: not necessarily for an eternity, but at least for a couple of years to create more offspring and take them to the commercial stage.

PATRONS - Making Transition Happen

Biopolus invites individuals and organizations to financially contribute to make an impact on global sustainability that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions.

Three Ways to Become our Patron

Become Our Ambassador

Use your connections and influence to connect us to those who can help us financially to make our impact. We are happy to appreciate your services.

Easy Donate through PayPal


We are grateful to accept donations using the simplest and easiest way through PayPal. Just a few clicks and we will both feel proud.

Become a Patron Saint


If you are considering to contribute above $500, we suggest to contact us to see our appreciation package, tailored to you.
Historical Patrons

Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Rembrandt, 1632

Dr. Tulp was the City Anatomist of Amsterdam (later he became the mayor of the city) who performed one public dissection every year to collect funds for the city to improve the health of the citizens. The dissections were attended by prominent learned men, who paid a donation and who used the occasion to discuss life sciences, business and politics.